Spike Update

Posted on March 16, 2014

Some people have accused me of over thinking stuff. I admit, sometimes they’re right. These new speakers are heavy and there was no way I was able to slide them around on anything remotely pointed or even rounded. Even on heavy felt padding I was leaving marks on a good hard, ash floor.

I had some doubled 3/4 MDF so I made some hockey pucks with a 2″ hole saw on the drill press. They work great. MDF will suppress some vibration and it is soft enough to slightly conform to uneven hard floors. We can even add bolts to make levelers. Just index off the 1/4″ hole, the typical bit size in a hole saw. I use a thick, home made square for a stop on my drill press. Chuck a 1/4″ bit. Hold it down in the center hole of your piece. Slide the square up tight and clamp the square in place.

Now you can drill a hole just big enough and little deeper than the head of a 1/4 – 20 bolt. Or tap the hole for a 3/8 bolt. These come out pretty straight. Just fill the hole with one of those epoxy puttys that come in a tube. Maybe add those Home Depot self stick felt pads and you have a great leveler that’s cheap and easy.


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