Sound System Update

Posted on October 5, 2014

Hi Folks

I apologize for the delay in posts. Its been a crazy 6 months. The 12.3s have pumping for about 9 months now and they have broken in real nice. I would like to think  they compete with 20 grand or more speakers. they definitely smoke the 10,000$  boxes I heard.I guess I will have to travel a ways and hear the Sofias or Alexias to know. Any way, about 4 months ago I was having problems with my sherbourne amp and sent it back for repairs. Emotiva was very good about it. But having heard great things about Odyssey I gave Klaus a call. I really like the idea of being able to talk to the guy who actually designs and builds the amps. I ended up buying his reference mono  amps using the the cheaper  Khartago cases to save some money. And I bought the  Suspiro phono stage . Even though I had to sell my boat to do it and still couldn’t  swing the pre amp. I am so glad I did. What I always thought I was lacking was 3D depth of stage. Now  I have it!  These are great amps! They have taken my system to the level I always wanted but never thought  I could achieve without spending crazy money. I cant wait to buy the Candella pre amp. Klauss did say a long break in [3months] and he was right. Some folks will argue that electrical components don’t  break in. We just get used to them and just perceive them as being better. We might get used to a certain sound or character of a product, but when you know  every scratch on your records and start hearing musical stuff you never ever heard before, something is better! End of story!       Thanks Klaus and family

Thanks to everyone visiting the  site. Here are some upcoming posts. [Gluing up large panels]  [Curved baffles, construction and attributes]   [my thoughts on cones vs panels]  [Details and pics of the 22 liter cabs]

I really got to get better at this computer stuff!            Jeff




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