Used Speakers

1980s JSE Infinite Slope 1.8s




I have had these for almost 30 years. They have seen some hard work. But the past couple years I have given them some love and some new parts. These are still smoking speakers but I have my new bad boys now.

1. New Morel 33 tweeters with Fostex L-pads.

2. New Scan-Speak P17 midranges

3. New Acousta-stuf stuffing

4. Fitted for and include my spikes

5. New high quality binding posts

6. Removable side and top round overs

They still look decent and sound great. If they sell, I will miss these speakers. IF they don’t I will rebuild the crossovers and modify the cabs, and will give them to my kids.

 Asking $900







I just hate to see good cabs go to waste. And every once in a while I get a speaker that I put way too much time and money into. So it is with these.

1. Factory renewed woofers and radiators

2. High quality binding posts

3. New capacitors and resistors

4. Cabinets are 100% refinished

5. Fitted for and include my spikes

6. All new hardware – screws, buttons, knobs.

These are good speakers if they played a little louder and I didn’t have all this other stuff I could probably live with them.

Asking $1600 (I’ll even throw in a 15’ pair of Kimber VS.)


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