The Simple Mat

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  • Guaranteed to improve the sonic performance of most turntables.
  • Made of a synthetic cork blend designed for military use.
  • Works with or without a clamp or weight, effectively coupling the record to the platter.
  • Does not trap dust and provides superior protection from the hard surface of the platter.
  • Measuring at 298mm by only 1/32 of an inch thick, it can be stacked for quick VTA adjustment. On a 9” tonearm 1/32 of an inch equals 1/5 of one degree.
  • 100% made in America.

 Brian at the Needle Doctor loves this mat!


For almost 25 years I had an A R “The Turntable.” I liked it, it was good enough but after 500 – 1000 records a year it had some wear and I wanted a step up.

After some research and talking to Brian at the Needle Doctor (I really like that guy) I decided on the project 9.2 for all the reasons I explained under TT plinths. It’s a great table! You can tweak it, or set it and forget it. But I just did not feel right about not having a mat, at the very least to protect the record from the hard surface of a platter. But many good to great tables come without them because they do alter the sound, not always for the better.

So I set out on a mission as I usually do, to find something that would work for me. I tried everything I could think of. I even tried machining an old record dead flat to about .030 of an inch. Nothing seemed just right or they had negative attributes.

When I discovered this material my mission was over!

It protects the record. It grips the record and without question makes a sonic improvement.

So I made a few for some friends to make sure I wasn’t delusional. We all agreed. This is a great product, that should be made available to the LP community. And so it is! I know of no other product in the Audiophile market that makes a sonic improvement for its price!

Thanks – Jeff


Some Qs

Q:        What will I hear?

A:         It’s different for every record. It could be subtle or huge. For me it’s just more. Just listen to it and enjoy. If you really know your records, you will know it when you hear it.


Q:        Will it work on my system?

A1:       I can’t say for sure but I assume it would not make any improvement on any table with its own expensive coupling system – Walker, some Sotas, some VPIs, and AMG etc.

A2:       Unless you want it just for its protective properties and the fact that it doesn’t hold dust. If your system will not allow you to hear differences in, let’s say cartridges, proper TT setup and speaker placement. I would say no. Sorry.

A3:       Everything else, yes.