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JeffsSoundAnswers-4   Custom Speaker Cabinets

This is my latest project. Unfortunately, these are not for the budget minded. These cabinets are very labor intensive, 56 laminations and 3 ½ gallons of glue. This is Zaph Audios 12.3 available from Madisound. I was originally gonna build Troels Gravesen’s 1071 but this kit is about half the price. I already have a thousand in cabinet material.

I wanted a big high-end three way, preferably sealed that could play loud. I play my drums along with the music and sometimes I’m pounding. And I like the fact that the MTM gives me the power handling in the critical midrange. This method of construction creates one of the most rigid cabinets out there and can be finished in many ways. And I can design a cabinet for most volumes and applications.



A few FAQs (not really)

Q: Why two cabs?

A: I know they were going to be heavy (over 200 a side) and they’re going upstairs.


Q: Why such a big top cab when I only needed 16 liters?

A: A little cab on top of a big (107 liters) cab looks like crap! And it gave me room for and access to the crossover in its own compartment. I think it looks right.


Q: Why the Formica?

A: I like the look of stone and wood and I didn’t want two trees in my room.


Q: Why the rounded shape?

A: I wanted to try to address internal standing waves and I always have to challenge myself.



My next project will be 20 liter sealed cab for Zaph Audios ZRT 2-way. I would build the 40 liters 2.5 way but this material gets real hard to bend in longer lengths. Imagine the same construction 12” wide, 21 ½” high, and 12” deep. This cab will look drop dead gorgeous.

For those interested please call….