Glues and Fasteners

I rarely use screws. A good glue joint will be stronger than the material (except metals). I don’t use any screws in my custom cabinets. For joining wood I really like Titebond III, the green label. Rub or brush it well into the pores of the wood and clamp well.

I use a lot of marine epoxys. They are expensive but worth it. Some of them flow out like water. These are great for making and setting fasteners. Setting a nut in a bed of epoxy makes a much better fastener than any t-nut. I don’t use t-nuts unless there’s no other way. The same goes for 5-miunte epoxys. I hate them. Use a slightly lubed bolt to stabilize the nut and you will get a snug thread. The thin epoxys will flow into wood like microscopic fingers so the level will go down.

So add epoxy as needed while it is still tacky. When dry, sand it flat and you have a superior female fastener. This is how I fit my speakers for spikes. Epoxys are also great for large fills and are stronger than the material, your filling.

When I make my stands, I will rout the PVC unto the bases and pour a ½” of epoxy in the bottom. It aint going nowhere! There are many other uses, but you guys get the idea.