Custom Speaker Stands

I haven’t built these yet because I haven’t built my 20 liter cabs yet. But here’s what I think we should do. Triple up some ¾” ply or MDF about 2” bigger than your speakers for the top and bottom. Heavy is good and thick looks bold. Use 4” schedule 80 PVC between them. Spray paint for plastic works good. But if you really want to get sharp I bet we could veneer the PVC – (WOW). If you can’t route PVC into your base and top you could jigsaw a circle of ¾” and glue (epoxy) that in the pipe and fasten the bases to that. I’m sure you’ll figure something out. I’m gonna install spikes and have the thread come all the way through so I don’t have to get way down to adjust them. Anchoring on three is better if your speaker geometry will allow it. Mine will. Fill the pipe with sand or lead shot about half way. We want a low center of gravity. Sand is great for stopping resonance and lead adds mass. You can even mix them. Finish them any way you want. I think this will make a great stand.