About Me

How do I describe High-end audio? I drop the needle, sit down in front of a pair of speakers and I am listening to music, not a pair of speakers.

If you’re reading this, you are probably like me, a lover of music and love great sounding music in your home. At about the age of 15, I started playing the drums. I had grand visions of making it in a rock band. You too? Instead I went on to get a degree in music. So for a large part of my life I was behind, next to and in front of all types of instruments, electric and acoustic. At an early age I was introduced to some great stereo equipment, AR, Dahlquist, Maggies, Dynaco, CJ, Krell just to name a few. So I am very well versed in what music should sound like when it’s reproduced.

Now that my children are older, I have the time to focus on my earlier passions. For several years now I have spent a lot of time researching and experimenting. I’ve been trying to get the best sound out of my so called budget system. I think for the most part I have succeeded. As you can see my listening arrangement is basically a 7-foot equilateral triangle and those 25 year old Slopes sound pretty good, so much the boxes sonically disappear. And every once in a while an instrument or voice is in the room.

I hope some of you can use what I have learned to improve your own systems. Some of these things are S.S. (Stupid Simple), but I would not risk embarrassment if they did not work, especially the room treatments. I know some of you guys can improve on this stuff. If you do, let us all know. As for “The Simple Mat” it’s a great product regardless of price, and I think most would agree.

I am pretty good working with my hands, but I stink at this keyboard thing, so don’t hesitate to call. The communication will be better. And if I am busy, I will definitely call back before 9PM.