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Gluing up large panels

I double up a lot of  3/4  material for my speaker baffles, tops and bottoms.  And when I laminate my curved shells I am spreading glue on two surfaces about 2' x 5' on average depending on the speaker. That's a lot of glue to get spread and get clamped up in less than 20 minutes. I only use Titebond III for anything wood to wood, and 20 minutes is about the max ...

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Axpona 2015. My first show!

About 10 weeks before the show, Brian from the Needle Doctor and I decided to go to the show on a whim. Why not? I didn't even have the speaker [The Epha] done till 5 weeks before the show. We had a great time and a lot of great response. Brian brought a Rogue power and pre amp,a Project Expression TT with an Ortofon Quintet bronze cartridge and a Musical Surroundi...

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