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Spike Update

Some people have accused me of over thinking stuff. I admit, sometimes they're right. These new speakers are heavy and there was no way I was able to slide them around on anything remotely pointed or even rounded. Even on heavy felt padding I was leaving marks on a good hard, ash floor. I had some doubled 3/4 MDF so I made some hockey pucks with a 2" hole saw on ...

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Critical Listening to Evaluate

This can be a tough one. Music should take us to another place or time. Listening should not feel like work or bring anxiety because we are spending hard earned money on a new product. Having done a lot of critical listening the past few years with my money on the line, I think I have come up with a few ideas to make this process easier with more definitive conclus...

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Blog #1

Well here we are, up and running! Welcome music lovers. First I want to thank my friend James Barsalou. Without him this website would not be as great as it is. When I started all my research and designing a couple of years ago, I had no intention of selling products (The Simple Mat and Custom Speaker Enclosures). I just wanted a mat that would work for me. And I ...

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